Friday, February 13, 2009


i never thought i would say that i miss running.  i have never been a runner.  i really never had a desire to run.  last year i started running and ran my first 1ok with clate!  i have grown to love running.  i love the feeling of accomplishment and i love how it makes me want to eat healthier.  i also enjoyed the time clate and i have spent together working out at the gym.  

well. . . i sort of stopped running during my pregnancy with bella.  it has been a long time since i ran outside.  this morning clate stayed home and i got to go running!  i loved having time alone to think and to enjoy a good run.  i am not able to run as far as i did before i got pregnant, but i know i can work up to it again.  i suppose i have to stop eating my favorite treat peanut m&m's and i probably shouldn't have eaten soo many sugar cookies with frosting yesterday.  they were just too good to put down - thanks thelissa!


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Rhonna Farrer said...

YAY for YOU!!!! How fab...I hear ya, sistah!