Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ferry ride and snorkeling

one day we took a ferry ride to another island.  i can't remember the name of it because we were planning on going to culebra.  grandma packed a whole bunch of yummy food & snacks!  we loved the bimbo cookies the most!  after the 1 hour ferry ride, we took a taxi (15 passenger van) to the *blue* beach.  we drove down a very bumpy road for about 15 minutes, but when we got there it was like we were on our own private beach.  the water was clear and the sand was white and beautiful!  everyone loved snorkeling and ellie loved finding shells.  we saw a starfish and i saw a sting ray.  i must admit i was a little scared when i saw it.  i definitely didn't swim closer to get a better look!  ashley was a natural for her first snorkeling trip!  the kids loved playing in the ocean every time we went to the beach in puerto rico!!  luckily on the way back we all had a change of clothes.  tenery and i were laughing so hard as we tried to change into our warm clothes.  the ferry was moving back and forth and we almost fell over!  good times!
ashley snorkeling
ellie was so cute and needed her goggles on to help her find shells!  ;)

snuggling on the ferry
clatie, tanner, tenery, and lindsay had SO much fun on this trip & were laughing all the way!

bella definitely loves her grandma and i love my mom holding and loving my bella!

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