Friday, July 24, 2009

#6 movie week

when we were planning out our summer, i Totally thought this week was going to be a huge hit!  we started the week going to see ice age 3 for fhe.  after that, we really didn't watch that many movies.  i think it's because we have already been watching a TON of movies.   and we forgot to plan this week when harry potter came out.  ooops!  we still had fun though.  here are some of the many movies we've watched throughout the entire summer:  mission impossible 1 & 2, strawberry shortcake, matilda, prince caspian, 24 season 1, 2, & almost 3, taken(not me, just clatie), boy in the striped pajamas, inkheart, pink panther 2, twilight, knowing, princess protection program, barbie princess & the pauper, home videos, nacho, harry potter (of course) and many, many more.  

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