Tuesday, September 15, 2009


last night after a mask FHE "beach" party at val vista lakes, lindsay and i went to the apple store. lindsay has been saving her money for a new ipod touch. as we were driving to the store, she held on tight to her jar of money. she had it all: 1 $50 bill, 6 $20 bills, 2 $10 bills, 2 $5 bills, 6 $1 bills, many, many quarters, dimes, and three pennies. we talked about all the ways she had earned her money. she is quite the entrepreneur. i know exactly where she gets it from too! she earned her money from babysitting, being a consultant, selling hair clips, selling krispy kreme donuts at a garage sale, summer penny a page reading program, selling her old ipod to ashley, winning $25 for practicing the most minutes on the piano in one week, and saving, saving, saving. i didn't realize until last night how hard she has been working and how much discipline it took to save over a period of time. she TOTALLY thought it was worth it though.

as we walked into the apple store, a nice young man helped us. he was in awe that lindsay had saved up all her money. he told her over and over how proud he was of her. it was really neat that he was so sensitive to her because this was a BIG deal. so thank you nice young man that was working at the apple store last night. i know lindsay will always remember her experience! i probably should also say thank you again to the nice lady that was in line behind us. it took a few minutes to count out all the change. : )

lindsay i am so proud of you. thanks for your example! i love you sis!


Rhonna Farrer said...

awww. Linds...you are so amazing! LOVE this story!
love you guys! & congrats, Linds!

amy said...

you rock, lindsay!!! congrats on your discipline. very impressive. :)

Andrea said...

I love it when our kiddos learn this lesson. What a great story! YAY!! for Lindsay!