Thursday, June 25, 2009

#2 *party* week

our second theme chosen was *party* week!!!!  we wanted to try to plan as many parties as we could in one week.  each of the kids got to plan their own party or parties.  they made a list of friends to invite, food to eat, and drinks to have.  their lists included:  soda, ice, water, chex mix, oreo's, popsicles, push pops, fudgsicles, peanut butter m&m's, doritos, pizza, xtra cheesy goldfish, skittles, starbursts, inner tubes, and water balloons.  (to name a few) 
here's what our schedule looked like:
3:30:  b-day party for uncle joseph @ aunt kim's house.  yummy tacos con & ice cream! 
6:00:  martineau cousins over for dessert.  aunt beth brought delicious pumpkin cookies!
2-4:  ashley's party  
6:00:   mask family bbq & swim.  joseph pushed uncle garrett in with ALL his clothes & shoes on!
1-3:  lindsay's party
5-9:  clatie's party (2 guys + lots of girls = smart boys!)  ;)
10-12:  ellie's 1st party  
2-4:  martineau cousins
12:00:  mask cousin swim party at aunt cherie's
6-9:  lindsay's party (her 1st boy/girl party at our house!  TONS of fun!!)
2-4:  ashley's party with her best friends from school!
6-10:  clatie's party (everyone Loved playing football!  both the boys & girls)
6-10:  tj's party (T only wanted one party.  he stuck with a boys only party too.)

here's a few of the many pictures i took:

we realized that having so many parties is A LOT of work!  each of the kids were willing to prepare for and clean up after their party.  it was so much fun having so many of our friends over in one week.  this week was definitely another HUGE success!  (planning one birthday party will be a piece of cake from now on!)


Maddie said...
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Maddie said...

Thanks Sister Mask for doing fun stuff like that!!! I had a blast :)

Collette said...

Looks like a lot of fun! What a great idea! You are such a fun mom.

Al said...

Wow, so many bodies in that hot tub! You are brave! Cute blog!