Thursday, June 25, 2009

#3 serve mom week

after our busy week of many parties, clate decided to pick this week's theme.  i love clate and how he watches out for me.  thanks sweetie!!   the kids helped so much and i was able to spend hours in my quiet room working on a Father's Day book, organizing my computer, and organizing my pics in iphoto.  i also tried to practice more in photoshop.    
it is such a blessing to have children who are willing to help.  thank you clatie, tanner, lindsay, and ashley!  i also had a family swimming party for fhe on monday, a baby shower for my neighbor on thursday, and clate had his work quarterly planning at our house all day on friday.   so on friday morning i drove to pinetop-lakeside to spend a week in a cabin.  (and no, not all by myself ;)  
btw, this picture is of me and bella in maui.  i thought it fit this week's theme.  :)  i didn't take any pictures during serve mom week.  i'm the only one voting on this week, but i think it was another HUGE success and i think i'll try it again.  i emailed my brother craig during this week and told him about it.  his response was:  that sounds so cool.  why don't you have a buy uncle craig everything he needs for college week as soon as i get home from my mission!  don't worry craig, we'll take good care of you.  

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