Tuesday, February 24, 2009

aunt emily is home!

my dear sister emily is home from her mission!  she spent 1 1/2 years serving the Lord in Chile.   i can't believe she is back already!  she is absolutely gorgeous and was an *AMAZING* missionary.  she set a wonderful example for my children and for me.  i love her so much!  here are a few pictures of us anxiously waiting for her to come off the plane.  emily is a natural with children and ellie absolutely loved singing with her at aunt thelissa's house after she got home.  
welcome home emily!  i love you and love just being around you.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

isabella sophia mask

bella was born on 11.21.09.
my sister-in-law, cherie, took these pictures of her when she was 9 days old.
cherie is an amazing photographer.  
i will always cherish these adorable pictures of bella.
some of these were on my christmas card, but wanted them on my blog too.
i hope you enjoy them!  


i never thought i would say that i miss running.  i have never been a runner.  i really never had a desire to run.  last year i started running and ran my first 1ok with clate!  i have grown to love running.  i love the feeling of accomplishment and i love how it makes me want to eat healthier.  i also enjoyed the time clate and i have spent together working out at the gym.  

well. . . i sort of stopped running during my pregnancy with bella.  it has been a long time since i ran outside.  this morning clate stayed home and i got to go running!  i loved having time alone to think and to enjoy a good run.  i am not able to run as far as i did before i got pregnant, but i know i can work up to it again.  i suppose i have to stop eating my favorite treat peanut m&m's and i probably shouldn't have eaten soo many sugar cookies with frosting yesterday.  they were just too good to put down - thanks thelissa!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"i love you more"

ellie came into my bed this morning and was giving me hugs and kisses.  
she said, "i love you mom."  
i said, "i love you more."  
ellie said, "no, i love you more."
i said, "no, i want to love you more today."
ellie said, "okay mom, you can love me more today."
i love that sweet girl!

i got a good laugh when i found ellie and grace

i was talking on the phone yesterday to my mom who is in puerto rico.  we were having a great conversation planning our family trip next month!  ellie and grace were quietly playing in the pantry.  i thought they were eating a fruit snack or crackers so i left them alone.  i walked into the kitchen a few minutes later and saw some white powder underneath the door.  i knew what they were up to as soon as i saw the flour.  i opened the door and that's when grace looked up at me and said, "i didn't do any of this!"  ellie had a smile on her face and said nothing!  i laughed and quickly got my camera and took this picture.   

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

bella slept for 8 hours!

i love my sweet isabella and love it even more when she sleeps through the night.  i was able to read scriptures with my children and have family prayer before school.  i know that is why i had such a great day.  

i have wanted to start a blog for a really long time because i don't keep a journal.  i didn't know where to start because i have so many trips and events in the past that i want to write about. i have wondered how much i should try to catch up on.  today i was at my friend's house and kristin told me to just start from today and move forward.  so, thank you to many friends, family, and clatie for helping me.  i finally have my blog!  

here is a quick look into my day today.  i happily woke up at 6:00 a.m. and fed bella.  we read the scripture in 3rd nephi 27:28 that says, "ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and unto him that knocketh, it shall be opened." we had a great short discussion and then had family prayer.  clatie and tanner left for the bus stop and everyone was happy.  

i jumped in the shower, changed some laundry, and cleaned up a little before the girls left for school.  lindsay and ashley helped me load the dishwasher and got ellie in the bath.  they are such great helpers!  after bella fell asleep i started to get ready.  as soon as i tried to blow dry my hair, bella started to cry and ellie was ready to get out of the bath.  the next hour was spent trying to get me ready, ellie dressed in pants(she only wants to wear skirts), and bella bathed and dressed.  i debated if it was even worth it to try to leave the house.  it shouldn't be that hard to go somewhere, right?

we finally made it to the church and had a great time talking with friends.  i got many great ideas and a desire to continue working on my 3 month supply of food. 

on the way home we got gas and powdered donuts for ellie and grace.  grace is ellie's best friend and lives on our street.  these two girls love to play together.  as soon as grace got home from school she came over.  they had fun playing and even found my 50 lb bag of flour in the pantry. when i opened the pantry door, grace said, "i didn't do any of this!"  all i could do was laugh and take a picture.  i'll post that picture soon.  i love it when my children play great with their friends. 

clate texted me and asked if i wanted him to bring me lunch.  i told him of course!  he brought me a bbq chicken salad from paradise bakery and chocolate chip cookies.  he is such a great husband!  i really am blessed to have him in my life.  i love my sweetie!

while clate was here for lunch, i had to go to hjhs to pick up clatie.  his diabetes pump stopped working and i wanted to watch him closely.  we are back to shots until his new pump comes tomorrow morning.  it was fun having clatie home early because he had a school project to do and we so we got out some old family pictures.  it was fun to laugh and remember old times. after dinner and american idol i took clatie, lindsay, and ashley to buy valentine's and we ended up leaving with a whole lot more than that.  oops!  tanner stayed home with clate and helped fold some laundry and unload the dishwasher.  bella was ready to see me when i got home.

clate took bella and put her to bed so i could write my first entry on my new blog.  i am happy that i took the time to write a little about today.