Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ashley as Annie!!

Ashley tried out for the school play this past year and she got the part of Annie! The day she found out what part she got, Clate was working from home on the computer. Ashley walked over and asked him where I was. Clate told Ashley I was back in my room and to wait because I would be out soon. She started pacing around the kitchen and then went and stood right by Clate. She said, "Dad, I had a really good day at school today." Clate said, "Oh really! What happened?" Ashley said, "You know how I tried out for the school play? Well, I got the part of Annie!!!!" Clate got all excited with Ashley, gave her a high five and a hug and said, "Let's go get mom and tell her!"
We are very proud of Ashley. She spent many, many, many hours practicing her speaking and singing parts. We feel like she made the perfect Annie. Everyone that helped out at the school was amazing! They did a fabulous job casting all the parts. We had many friends and neighbors in the play. Daddy Warbucks lives 3 houses down! Enjoy all the pictures!
I need to apologize to Kristin and Hannah Howard for taking so long to post these pictures. :)

Right before her Thursday night performance
That is one proud dad!
Everyone is excited to watch the show!!
Camille, Ashley & Abi backstage before the show
Beautiful girls!
Daddy Warbucks(Davis Brown) & Annie (Ashley Mask)
Miss Hannigan (Ashley Wrigley) and Ashley

Carlee Oliver, Ashley, and Alyssa Denison

Annie & Daddy Warbucks after the Thursday night show!
Ashley and Davis did a fabulous job during their first night performance!!
Ashley even had a little girl come dressed up in her Annie dress too!
Lily Saint Regis (Abi Cluff) & Ashley
Ashley and Ashley
We realized our little Annie is very talented!
Ashley and Lindsay
Ashley and Mrs. Smith
Thursday night was a wonderful performance!!