Monday, November 16, 2009


the first day of spark was filled with all sorts of hands on creative things to do. we were able to pick and choose what we wanted to do. it was a blast being creative and having everything out and at our fingertips. i was amazed at how many "things" were available to us. there were buttons, lace, ribbon, thread, fabric, paper, etc. we made cuff bracelets, photo books, used a cricket machine, cards, junk bows, cupcakes and after dinner we got to ride the spark train, take pictures, and play games. it was packed full of fun things to create.

the second day of spark started off with cassandra barney speaking to us. she is an artist and was totally inspirational! here are a few notes i put in my phone. take time to play, be flexible, don't get stuck in holes, gratitude, reinvent, pood-i-corn, force yourself to learn something new, art is a lifestyle. it is about how u look at the world. BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE. ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING AT EACH MOMENT. PARADISE IS A PERCEPTION. i do live in paradise if i choose to see it that way.

another thing that was so powerful was a picture cassandra showed us of her children in her studio. they looked like angels with the light shining in on them. the children looked like they loved creating in that room and were very comfortable there. it was eye opening.

after cassandra was done we split up into groups and went to 4 different classes. class one: canvas art journal by rhonna & liz. class two: photography by jefra. class three: feel with fabric by kelly. class four: jewelry by margie. each class was amazing in it's own way. here are a few pics from the day. i loved all the friends i made in our photography group. we shared a lot and learned a lot about each other. thanks spark girls! love you guys!

*spark* was fabulous. thank you again for all the hard work that was put into it.

Friday, November 13, 2009


i can't believe that spark has come and gone. it was the most fabulous experience! my sister-in-law, rhonna farrer put on spark along with 3 other amazing ladies(liz kartchner, margie romney-aslett, and jefra starr linn). spark was held at this is the place in salt lake city. the very first time i read about Spark, i knew i had to go. it just spoke to me. it was an event that was going to Spark the creativity within. i hope i can express in words how Spark spoke to my soul. the entire trip was full of laughter, fun, creating, eating, making new friends, learning, and a lot of growth.

i was able to fly up to slc with my sister-in-law, amy. it was such a blast to talk & laugh with her on the flight over. i even got a mini photoshop class on the flight over. thanks amy!
my good friend, kim droubay picked us up from the airport and also went to spark. thanks again for coming with me!

when we got to Spark, i was in awe at all the decorations. i seriously can't even imagine all the time and energy that was put into this event. i am so grateful i was able to go. there was everything from tulle & lace wrapped around the trees to ribbons, and more ribbons to paper flowers & doilies and so many more things. everywhere i looked there were more AMAZING, inexpensive decorations.

i loved feeling like a child and being giddy with excitement for everything i saw and was given. as we checked in we were given our own name tag, Spark button & Spark bag that was FULL of goodies! as we waited for everyone to get registered, we got to eat some food & some yummy chocolate and vaNIElla cupcakes. i'm so happy just thinking about those cupcakes!

there is so much more to share. hopefully i'll have time in the next couple of days.