Tuesday, May 26, 2009

clatie wants to go to Walgreens and i don't know what to title this blog....so there

my parents took us to this Really cool restaurant that over looks the ocean!  we got to order our food, then go down and play on the beach while they were making our food.  i haven't found a restaurant like that in arizona!  we were loving it!  the kids found some coconuts and were trying to throw them on the ground and crack them open.  it was a lot of fun!
i'm still trying to decide if i like this picture so much because of tenery's face or clatie's face.  :)  those two together are. . . Lots of FUN!!
these 3 Loved the ocean & i Love the 3 of them!

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LaNae said...

What great pictures--let me know when you find one of those restaurants here!!