Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i think the pictures speak for themselves, but i know our trip would not have been as exciting, fun, action packed, funny or interesting without tenery!  everyone that know tenery knows what i'm talking about.  tenery adds a spice to things like no one else that i know.  my children absolutely **adore** tenery.  the boys and lindsay loved driving with tenery whenever we would go somewhere.  tenery even decided to give the rest of us a little love tap while she was in her car.  we couldn't all fit in our mini van we rented so we took 2 cars pretty much everywhere we went.  one day we were in a lot of traffic and we stopped really fast and tenery.... didn't.  it wasn't anything bad, but i had to mention it since i'm talking about tenery.  
tenery also can make some mean brownies!  we loved it when she made those for us!  tenery took us to her school and we got to meet some of her friends.  i think tenery is amazing for having such a great attitude about spending her junior and senior year with my parents in puerto rico.  she is getting the experience of a lifetime!  i also have to add that tenery's room is soo cool and she has an incredible view!  tenery - thanks for making our trip so much fun!  we all love you so much.  have fun at byu!


Deanna said...

Charisse, I was just looking at Tara's blog and noticed she had your blog too. How fun to see you on here!

Sydnee had so much fun with everyone in Maui. She said everyone was so nice. I heard you guys had so much fun jet skiing! Thanks for being so nice to her.

Hopefully, I'll get to see you soon.

Take care, Deanna

Andrea said...

love her!!