Thursday, June 25, 2009

#4 paradise in pinetop week!!

we have been up in pinetop-lakeside for the past week enjoying the nice weather and each other.  i drove up with the kids on friday morning and then clate came up on friday night.  he stayed through the weekend and we had a fabulous Father's day here!!  clate, i am SO blessed to have you as the FATHER of my children.  i love you for everything you does for us.  thanks for loving all of us and for taking care of us.  we LOVE you!!  Happy Father's Day!

we have done so many fun things in pinetop.  some of the highlights have been searching for squirrels, waking up late, swinging on the front porch, making smores with dad, playing cards, eating what we want, when we want, riding go karts, playing XBOX, watching movies, checking out the local gift shops, eating fudge, dancing in the rain, watching more movies, staying up late waking up late, running, hanging out OUTSIDE, riding bikes, needing to wear a sweatshirt, eating ice cream, taking walks, laughing, and just being together.  clate, thanks for letting us come here.  we sure wish you could have been here the entire time.  i'm glad you were able to get so much work done while we were gone.  i can't wait to go out on our date tonight!  i love you!!


Kristin said...

You are killing me. We miss your family so much! I started to cry when I saw all the girls swimming- I wish we were there swimning with you guys. Glad you had such a great week together. Looks like tons of fun! Thanks for all the nice things you said in my comment box. I miss your daily friendship as well. Can't wait to see- whenever it is.

Mary said...

I love your posts and your theme weeks. what a great idea! your family is beautiful and they all have such happy smiles.