Monday, June 1, 2009

hummer limo

it's crazy to think that i am old enough to have a son who will be in high school next year!  yikes!  thankfully clatie is such a good young man and he has good friends.  clatie had his 8th grade promotion the last day of school and so he and a bunch of his friends got picked up from hjhs in this hummer limo!  they loved it!  they couldn't believe the limo was for them!  i love a good surprise!  they went to mimi's cafe for some yummy breakfast and *Delicious* muffins! they all got dropped at lauren lovell's house for a swim party!  school's out!  junior high is over and it's on to HIGH SCHOOL - congrats clyde.  love you!

nathan, clate, hayden, lauren, maddie
is this limo really for us???
jacob, austin, nathan, clatie, hayden, lauren, maddie, mariah
"capturing the moment"
nathan, hayden, clatie
mimi's cafe

clatie, maddie, drew, nathan, hayden
lexi, malea, courtney, mariah
austin, jacob, lauren
i love you!


Andrea said...

yes, we do have wonderful kids. and clatie is keeper. love him.

LaNae said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Kristin said...

what a fun idea. it was good chatting with you today. miss you guys!