Tuesday, July 14, 2009

#5 durango mountain resort week!

we got to enjoy a week in cool durango, colorado!  we had a family reunion with clate's family. it was so much fun being with his family.  this was our second family reunion at dmr.  we love the tradition of being in a cool place for the 4th of July!  there is this little town called silverton that is about 20 minutes away from where we stayed and it has THE BEST fireworks!!  we LOVE being cool while we watch fireworks!  :)  we had a blast riding the alpine slides, playing miniature golf, hanging out at the pool, climbing the rock wall, bungee jumping, riding the scenic ride up the mountain with my sweetie & sneaking in a few passionate kisses, eating lots of yummy food, playing cards, playing in the arcade, watching movies, fishing, golfing, shooting, 4-wheel driving up a mountain, curling hair for photo shoots, taking LOTS of pics, laughing, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, hiking, going to dinner with all the adults, getting 4th of july t's from aunt rhonna, singing happy b-day to aunt kim, walking through silverton and wanting to stop and take pictures every second, eating ice cream, pics in front of the old trucks, eating fudge, watching part of the gun fight, watching fireworks, enjoying uncle jeff's homemade popcorn, laughing, playing with cousins, taking more pictures, enjoying the rain, and so much more!  i love going to colorado because i just got home and i'm already excited to go back!   here are some pics from our photo shoots!  i hope you enjoy them!

rayla, lindsay, and ashley (aunt amy brought TONS of fun hats, umbrellas, and props for our photo shoots!  thanks amy we had a blast!)

you go girlfriend!

adorable ellie!
some of the girl cousins - rayla, tali, lindsay, jaya, and ashley
tali & bailey
tali and jaya
kim, amy 
mom, shelle 
me, rhonna(we sure missed cherie)

i am grateful for my husband's family.  they are wonderful people and it was fun to hang out with them for a few days.  on sunday morning before we left, granny made us all breakfast and clate's parents had a little meeting with the grandkids.  they bore testimony of the temple and the importance of going there often.  my mother-in-law had pictures of all the temples where her children were sealed around her room.  the grandkids got to guess who was married in which temple.  she also had stickers on the wall that said, "touch the Temple and the Temple will touch you." by President Monson and "make the Temple the CENTERPIECE of your home."  it was a great week and i loved being with my family.  


Collette said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. Did you take them? And how fabulous are those grandparents? Treasure them.

Kristin said...

thanks for the comments. hannah saw your name on the calander and i told her you were coming to visit. she was all excited and then i had to tell her that ashley wouldn't be there. next time we hope. i am really missing az these days. i also saw your in-laws in the church news as new temple presidents in guatamela? no i can't remember. when do they leave?

charisse mask said...

i didn't take all of them, but a few. my sister-in-law took some and my neice took the one of all of us girls. it was so much fun to take pics with my sisters-in-law cuz they really know what they are doing. it's amazing how cool the pics can look when you mess around with the settings a little bit. thanks again for taking lindsay. how much do i owe you for the shirt?

charisse mask said...

oh and my in-laws leave in november to be temple presidents in guatemala. they are sooo excited and so are we because i'm sure we'll go visit!

LaNae said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love the pictures!

Andrea said...

I'm taking some notes and putting them in my "how to be a awesome grandma oneday" book. This one is going in there for sure.