Monday, September 28, 2009

happy 9th birthday ashley!

ashley turned 9 on september 23, 2009! ashley is so much fun to have in our house! she is so helpful with her 2 little sisters and she loves to hang out with her friends. ashley loves to dance, play the piano, swim, scrapbook, read, shop, hang out with friends, watch movies, and go out to eat!

A – adorable

S – sweet

H – huggable

L – loving

E – energetic

Y – young

ashley wanted cookie crisp & reese’s puffs for her birthday morning breakfast. she got to eat it in our new “red birthday” bowl since it was her special day! i think her favorite present was her pink ipod! J

this is the year of no birthday parties at our house, but clate and i decided we would have a lunch date with ashley & a few friends. ashley chose to go to Gecko Grill with abi cluff, lexi price, and katie becker. ashley got her usual, fiesta mango tacos! yummy! birthdays are always fun in our house because there are NO chores all day!

Happy Birthday Ashley! I love you


amy said...

happy birthday ash!! we love you!

Martineau Family said...

Loving your blog!!