Friday, July 30, 2010


This morning I am very grateful.

I am grateful for Ashley. She wants to earn some money for school clothes and so one of the jobs I gave her was to make sure I had time to say my personal prayers, read my scriptures, write in my journal and blog. She has been so encouraging and has asked me throughout each day what she could do for me so that I could do those four things. I have been really busy, but Ashley kept encouraging me to just write a little bit in my journal and to just blog a little bit - whatever I had time for. Sometimes I don't journal or blog because I feel like I don't have enough time. Ashley, I love you for your help. Shopping today will be lots of fun!!! I woke up early this morning and I have already done all four of my things. I wanted to surprise Ashley. She is going to be so excited that she gets a little bit more money for school shopping. :)
I am grateful for children who reach out to new kids on our street and help them feel welcome and loved. I know that is what Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to do and it is what They would do if They were here.
I am grateful for prayer. I know my prayers are heard. I know it because I feel the Holy Ghost while I am praying. I feel peace. I feel loved.
I am grateful for scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for scriptures like Mosiah 7:33 and Mosiah 24:16. The words of the Book of Mormon can bring such comfort when things are rough and I love learning about the people in the Book of Mormon.
I am grateful for opportunities to serve. I love to find a need and help to fill it.
I am grateful for the temple. I love the peace that I feel when I am there.
I am grateful for my children. I am grateful for hard working boys who are working on their eagle projects this summer. I am grateful they are respectful, kind, and fun boys. I love them both. I am grateful for Lindsay and Ashley and their desire to help around the house. I love listening to them play the piano. I am in awe at their dedication to read their scriptures for 20 minutes each day because that is what our bishop asked us to do. I love watching them write in their journals and tape things in their journals. I am grateful for Ellie and Bella. I love the joy and work they bring into our house. It would be very different without them. I am grateful that all of my children are sensitive to the Spirit and that they all have good hearts.
I am grateful for my husband. He is an amazing leader. I am grateful that he wants to do what the Lord wants him to do. I love him more today than I did yesterday. I am grateful the way he tenderly takes care of me. I love his desire to learn more about the Book of Mormon and his desire to teach our children what he knows. I am grateful for his example of hard, hard work. I am grateful that my children have such a solid example to follow. I am grateful that it is Friday and that means it is date night. It doesn't matter where we go or what we do, it's the fact that we get to be together that matters.

I love Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I am grateful that they are all in my life. I am grateful for life and the opportunity that I have to be here and to try to do what is right so I can live with my family forever.
Today is already a great day!


Kimbo said...

Great post, Charisse.
I am grateful for YOU!!!

Jill said...

So True!! You are so Amazing and you have an incredible family! We look up to you in many ways. Thanks for that beautiful post

Martineau Family said...

What a great post!!