Tuesday, August 16, 2011

there is a first for everything...

ellie is in kindergarten at highland park elementary
ashley is in 6th grade at highland park elementary
lindsay is in 8th grade at highland junior high school
tanner is a sophmore at highland high school
clate is a junior at highland high school
new school year, new adventures, new friends, new teachers, new things to learn...

one thing that is still the same is that i love each one of my children and think they are
all amazing!! i know this will be an awesome year!

p.s. bella is at home with me and she is cuter than ever.
i am in love with her curls. she is in love with toy story, tangled, and toy story.


Kristin said...

Love seeing your posts! I feel more connected to you. Clatie and Lindsay have definitely changed the most since I saw them last. Are you going to move into your new house soon? Can't wait to see pics. My kids go back to school next week. I'll call you then so we can catch up.

Naomi Martineau said...

your kids are so adorable I can't stand it! Can't wait to see you soon!

LaNae said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!

Andrea said...

such beautiful kids. so glad we are neighbors. do you really have to move??